The name Renewal already indicates what we stand for as a brand. Renewal was born out of our own need and inner drive for innovation. Inspired by the pioneers and the urge not to be average. The brand is based on a shared vision, a belief that you have to find your own identity and stay true to your own values. 

Over the years the two founders Tim and Maurice built up a strong unique vision and had a similar outlook on life. They also both had ambitious goals to create something unique and to realise this vision. That’s how the brand originated in 2020.

Renewal offers contemporary wear combined with high end elements. We strive for the highest quality, combined with an eye for detail and an underlying thought behind every garment. The brand is pure as it is a reflection of the two founders. Our mission is to encourage people to form their own identity and follow their intuition, regardless of influences that keeps them from their own ideals. Create your own standards.